While most people had the pleasure of eating tacos, some of them have never had a great one. Believe it or not, the Tex-Mex tacos that you are used to are not the best tacos out there. If you want to know what makes the best tacos, you have come to the right place.


Those cardboard-like crispies called taco shells are not as tasty as the real thing. Whether you prefer crunchy or soft corn tortillas, it is a bonus if they are handmade. They will then be fresh and made from the best quality ingredients, a far cry from those hard, tasteless things that come in a box.


This is one of the herbs which you either love or hate, but it is a sign that you have bitten into a great taco. While some people liken the flavour of cilantro to soap or bleach, most people love the way this herb blends nicely with other taco ingredients.


Never assume this means your taco has to be spicy. Spices refer to the seasonings cooked with the meat to enhance its natural flavour. If you order a taco and you eat something similar to what you get at a chain taco place, you have been duped.

An authentic taco has many spices including cumin, garlic and paprika. Your mouth should experience sensory overload when you take a bite. It should never be met with a one-note seasoning which tastes mostly of salt.

Minimal Additions

You may have the idea that tacos should be loaded with massive amounts of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and other additions. A great taco can shine with as little ingredients as possible. When you order a taco from an authentic establishment you are usually given tortilla with meat, cilantro, onions and a wedge of lime. You are in the wrong place when you need more than these to add flavour to your taco.


Today, people have found ways to make all types of food gourmet. Pork belly and foie gras have made their way to tacos which escalated the prices. With tacos, you should be spending a few dollars then have a delicious meal on the go. Honestly, if you have to pull out a pocketful of money to get a taco, you are going to the wrong places.

You are here because you are looking for great tacos. From the information above, it takes a mixture of qualities to achieve taco greatness. Leo’s Taco truck will provide all of these and more.



Mexican dishes are some of the tastiest in the world. You want to simply lick your fingers after eating a well-made Mexican food. Yet, this is easier said than done. Most people are unable to cook a good dish and wanting more. What can you do to assure the dishes made are perfect? Let’s take a look at the three most important tips about Mexican food.

  1. Little Does the Trick.

When it comes to Mexican recipes, the ingredients must not counteract what is already in the meal. This is where most people get out of control. Remember to measure all the ingredients.

  1. A Touch of Spice Always.

Mexican food is renowned for being ‘spicy’ and this is what people love. Consider how much spice you can handle. Remember, it takes a touch of spice to really add flavour to a dish. It is smarter to go with a little spice at a time until you attain the taste you want.

  1. The Cacao Plant.

This is the secret which will change your cuisine forever. With Mexican food, a little bit of chocolate goes a long way. Remember, Mexico is the home of the cacao plant and the people there adore their chocolate.

Throw in a bit of chocolate whenever you can, and you will realize the charm of the entire process.

The tips listed here are essential for putting together the best Mexican dishes. Yes, these tips might not work with every dish, but that is the charm of using your own imagination and continually learning from your experiences.

Mexican food does take a while to perfect, but once you get going, you will realize how easy it is.


Cooking is an art form that requires patience from the chef. It is not about how experienced or inexperienced you are. Rather, it is about the efforts placed into a dish. Some individuals have a natural ability to guide them through creating dishes. Not everyone is blessed with such talent. Still, it is possible to produce fantastic dishes with ease. Let’s take a glance at some of the most valuable cooking tips.

  1. Read Directions Carefully.

This is one tip that most people do not realize until the mistake has been made and the dish tastes awful. Read directions carefully and then follow through. If you will not read the directions properly, how will you expect to create a dish that will make everyone’s mouth water? It is just not possible.

Repeatedly read the directions before moving forward. You will certainly have a better chance of cooking something nice.

  1. Perform Taste Tests.

Taste tests are done to check if dishes are what you expect, according to taste, smell and visual appeal. If taste tests are not performed, how can you be assured you of a nice dish?

You have to ensure that the taste test is close to perfection. You have to continually carry out taste tests to guarantee that the dish is coming together as expected.

  1. Tools and Equipment Should Be Ready.

In preparing dishes, tools and equipment are vital. They should be clean and ready to use when you need them. This way, your preparation time will be reduced, giving you time to relax in between. This is essential, yet most people overlook these details.

These are the tips which will guarantee that you are on the right track. Yes, the process is not easy and most people get stuck along the way. The beauty of cooking is about practice and patience.

Use the cooking tips listed here to get in the right direction and start seeing results that are worth your while.