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Mexican Food: Colourful and Delicious

Mexico is a country full of colour and flare. This is apparent from the giant sombreros to the long flowing flamboyant skirts. In fact, colour is seen everywhere especially in most typical Mexican dishes. These dishes are known for its richness in flavours, spicy in taste as well as creative and colourful in appeal. In this article, we will discuss some of the most flavourful and colourful dishes the beautiful country of Mexico has to offer. Pozole This delicious dish that originated in Jalisco, Mexico can be enjoyed as a breakfast, lunch or dinner. It can basically be described as a soupy salad that is red, green or white in colour. The most typical and my personal favourite is the warming red pozole (Pozole Rojo). This is traditionally made using the whole pork head with a combination of pork meat. Some people mix chicken in it to pack in even […]

Mexican Food For Parties Is The Way To Go

Having previously lived in Texas for almost a decade and knowing the culture of south Texas quite well, I can always appreciate some delicious Mexican food. There are likely more Mexican restaurants in the little town where I lived than I’ve seen during my travels and while living in other places. It’s a way of life down there. What’s great about Mexican food is that it’s not just scrumptious, but it’s also great for parties. Do you know some great Mexican food recipes? My friends who live with me in South Carolina recently told me they were going down to Texas for a two-week trip. A mutual acquaintance was going to teach them how to make tortillas from scratch. There is almost nothing better than homemade, fresh tortillas. Both flour tortillas and corn tortillas are the basis for many Mexican food meals. I’m not a fan of eating corn tortillas […]

Who Does Mexican Food The Best?: How To Find The Best Mexican Restaurants In Your Area

Mexican cuisine can be a wonderful thing to eat. Because it relies heavily on ingredients like rice and beans, it can be very inexpensive when compared to other types of cuisine. In addition, it can be enjoyed by vegetarians and people with other kinds of dietary restrictions. While it’s possible to cook Mexican food at home, you can get even better dishes if you go out to eat. There are all kinds of amazing Mexican restaurants out there, from chains to little mom and pop shops. But how can you figure out who does Mexican food the best? Read on to learn how you can discover the tastiest Mexican restaurants in your area. Ask For Recommendations From Friends You Trust Not everyone has the same taste in food. Some people prefer their Mexican food to be fairly simple or bland, while some people like their food to be as spicy […]

Turning Up The Heat With Mexican Food

There’s no reason that you can’t enjoy Mexican food if you simply don’t like very spicy dishes, however, to really get the full Mexican experience and element of heat is all but an absolute requirement.   It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that all Mexican food has to be blisteringly hot and that only ‘chiliheads’ would enjoy this regional cuisine. But the truth of the matter is that there are so many varieties of Mexican dishes – as well as so many varieties of chili – all with different levels of heat that there really is something for everyone.   In fact, many of the foods can simply be cooked without the addition of chili’s if that’s what you would prefer – just add your own on serving. On the flip side of the coin, there are some dishes where chilies are an intrinsic part of the […]

Launching A Gourmet Taco Truck Business

Food trucks are a very interesting business venture. The main advantage of this formula is that you can easily move from one area to another to follow your customers and find new ones. Traditional stationary restaurants need to attract customers but a food truck gives you more flexibility. The cost of operating a food truck is another advantage. Besides investing in the equipment you need to make food and in the truck itself, you will not have to pay a rent or make payments on a location. Some cities might require you to purchase a permit to operate your taco truck but the cost is still much lower than operating a brick and mortar restaurant. The mobility of a food truck means you can easily test different areas to find where your customers are. You can boost your sales by moving your truck throughout the day. You can for instance […]

A Quick Guide To Starting Your Own Taco Food Truck Business

A Quick Guide To Starting Your Own Taco Food Truck Business Starting a food truck business is very appealing as it is a low-overhead venture. For instance, owners do not need to rent an expensive space in a great area. You can buy affordable used truck, fix it up and park it wherever business is sure to be brisk. Great areas to park a food truck include: Bus stations Airports Colleges Museums Office buildings Parks

Colourful and Delicious

Colourful and Delicious Boil also chile ancho and guajillo with garlic and onion. Then blend and strained into the broth. Cook until the pork and the hominy are tender. This dish is traditionally a delight to the eye and palate. To make it even more flavourful garnish with the following Tostadas (toasted tortillas) Lemon Chopped lettuce or cabbage Radishes Avocado slices Oregano Chili powder

Tools and Equipment Should Be Ready

Tools and Equipment Should Be Ready In preparing dishes, tools and equipment are vital. They should be clean and ready to use when you need them. This way, your preparation time will be reduced, giving you time to relax in between. This is essential, yet most people overlook these details. These are the tips which willguaranteethat you are on the right track. Yes, the process is not easy and most people get stuck along the way. The beauty of cooking is about practice and patience. Use the cooking tips listed here to get in the right direction and start seeing results that are worth your while.

Leos Taco Truck

Leos Taco Truck Cooking is an art form that requires patience from the chef. It is not about how experienced or inexperiencedyou are.Rather, it is about the efforts placed into a dish. Some individuals have a natural ability to guide them through creating dishes. Read Directions Carefully This is one tip that most people donot realize until the mistake has been made and the dish tastes awful. Read directions carefully and then follow through. If you will not read the directions properly, how will you expect to create a dish that will make everyone’s mouth water? It is just not possible. Perform Taste Tests Taste tests are done to check if dishes are what you expect, according to taste, smell and visual appeal. If taste tests are not performed, how can you be assured you of a nice dish? You have to ensure that the taste test is close to […]

How to Spot a Great Taco

Tortillas Those cardboard-like crispies called taco shells are not as tasty as the real thing. Whether you prefer crunchy or soft corn tortillas. Cilantro This is one of the herbs which you either love or hate, but it is a sign that you have bitten into a great taco. Spices Never assume this means your taco has to be spicy. Spices refer to the seasonings cooked with the meat to enhance its natural flavour. Minimal Additions You may have the idea that tacos should be loaded with massive amounts of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and other additions.